I don’t know about you; my only reason for sticking with blackberry phones over the years is the blackberry messenger,i’m so in love with the I-phone series, the only deterrent is its lack of BBM, Whats-app is not it for me, I don’t dig it at all, I guess am entitled to my opinion.

In the year 2011 to be precise, I bought “BB torch 2” thrice, they got missing in action, I misplaced one and two were stolen, please don’t judge me, I concur! I know I can be extremely careless; I was fascinated with the torch series, because of its combo of  large screen and keypads; I know I will be very impatient with a pure touch screen phone; in fact I can smash it in frustration, its just my nature, I cant handle fragility, nah! It’s not for me.  The last one was stolen while i was feeling fly and high, ‘cos my corps’ stipend was just paid, the honorables struck as I was about boarding a bus, while enjoying music via a ear piece, and that was it.

My rationale behind buying the same phone over and over again, was not tangible especially with the advent of bold 5, the screen was large enough for me, though it was not at par with the torch series, it also had buttons which I consider very important, torch 3 was also released around that time, but I couldn’t afford it, because of my lack of patience with pure touch screens. That bold 5 packed up ”just like that!”, after 9 months of use, ok! It’s all good; at least this one was not stolen. The journey to computer village started; some sort of permutation will be done, life will be restored to the phone, but upon getting home, the phone packs up. After all said and done, those ‘419 computer village’ people, on the 5th repair trial diagnosed, panel malfunction and charged twenty thousand naira, to change it, then  I decided to sell the phone as scrap. I love their bargaining power; their first bargain chip was two thousand naira, hmmmmmmmmmmmm what a wonderful bargain! It suits me as i see that moribund phone on my table every day, rather than sell at that price, jeeeeeeeeeeeez! Odindi bold 5 at two k.

In my quest for another BB I decided to opt for a bold 5 look-alike; a Q-10, but as a very “affluent person”, I had to conquer my, impatience with touch screen and embrace a Z-10 that my stipend could afford. As at this moment, am back to my 5 year old palasa (nokia E63), the Z-10 life span was less than 2 weeks, you see! The Z-10 issue is a story for another piece, it’s really note worthy, and very interesting. In short I wonder why BB has refused to stay put with me.

All rationale to stick with a BB is thwarted, 3 days after I got my Z-10, Blackberry messenger platform  for android got leaked , my colleague  was able to ping with it before they blocked it, it was unbelievable so I decided  to wait for its official release, before I  decide on what brand of phone to buy. The deed is done now, BBM platform has been officially released for android and I-os series, what’s the whole point in getting a BB Z-10 when I can get techno phantom series for less and also ping. in my opinion, with this BBM platform availability, blackberry phone series  sales is definitely going to drop, I for one don port o!

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This is it

This is it!

I’m glad, i am taking a little toddle step at tangibly utilizing one of my hobbies.

You must be wondering, what this hobby is? Don’t be disappointed, it’s simply ‘talking’ , I soooooo love talking, am yet to grasp the right diction to express how much I love talking, believe it or not, I can talk for 10 hours amid’st my active 15 hours a day , with no hassles. I never agree on an issue with ease, to convince me on any issue, you’ll have to exercise your lingual muscles and vocal cord, this phrase “you are in the wrong profession” “you should be a lawyer or a journalist” isn’t alien to me, I hear it all the time, but I don’t agree at all, i love what i do, plus  I lack the patience to gather information and piece it up to something worth while, I doubt if am cut out for that.

There is an irony that i find hard to believe, I used to be very quiet  during my formative years, I wonder what happened, the change was sudden, it wasn’t a transition, it was like I popped out of a shell, I got conscious of this change while I was an undergraduate. Maybe maturity came with a wonderfully wrapped chatter-box parcel, though it came with a disadvantage which am still struggling with, hence my starting this blog.

As early as my primary school days, I used to write story books, and scripts’ for me and my siblings to act out, I was a very good artist, I dare say I could stand at par with professionals, I could paint oil on canvas, draw an exact replica of myself via a mirror, make puppets, comic books, mould statue with clay. My excitement about Christmas was not solely, because i will munch  Christmas chicken, but it used to be another opportunity to display my artistic prowess, make Christmas decorations, mould and paint Father Christmas with paper Marché, my parents did not need to invest on Christmas decorations.

Whew! What happened to “Tayo the little bundle of talent”? She seems trapped in her childhood memoirs, and it’s quite disheartening, its high time I found her, salvage, revive and nurture what’s left of her talents, I’ve decided to talk-less ,put a pen on paper on any issue, no matter how temptingly controversial, and how itchy to discuss it might seem. Though the route to my destination may be seemingly elusive, a journey of a thousand mile begins with a step, I begin mine by writing this piece.

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